Enh rqst: Opening doxygen config file

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Enh rqst: Opening doxygen config file

Postby marlowa » Wed Jun 06 2018 2:44 pm

Hello everyone,

When one opens a doxygen config file via file=>Open it is clever enough to spot that it is a doxygen config file. But instead of handling it doxypress says that you need to convert it via a different route in the menu (tools=>convert to doxypress format). Surely it would be better if it said something like: The selected file appears to be a Doxygen project file, would you like to create a doxypress configuration from it?

Smal point but doxypress is not converting the doxygen config, it is creating a new one and the old one remains unaltered.

Many thanks to everyone's hard work on doxypress. I am looking forward to testing the next release. :-)


Andrew Marlow
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