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by charley
Mon Oct 21 2019 9:41 pm
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Topic: QML
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After some offline conversations with some of the CopperSpice developers (in the past): *- QML is not currently part of CopperSpice *- there is interest in something declarative like QML *- there is some concern that the current implementation and design of QML in the current Qt-distros is lacking (...
by charley
Tue Oct 15 2019 8:25 pm
Forum: User Support
Topic: LGPL and “Trade Secrets”
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Re: LGPL and “Trade Secrets”

This is one of those questions everybody hates but here goes. Let’s assume I work for an employer that creates applications for use within their company. Access to the application is restricted to employees or people under a non-disclosure agreement, so to use a legal term … I believe it is conside...