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Qt version reason

Posted: Wed Jun 10 2015 3:31 pm
by 01 d'Nick
What reasons are to use Qt4 instead of Qt5?

Re: Qt version reason

Posted: Fri Jun 12 2015 6:48 am
by barbara
We did our fork from Qt 4.8 since this was the most recent version of Qt at the time we started, which was back in May 2012. Qt 5 was not released until December 2012, over six months after we started. According to everything we found Qt 5 did not stabilize until around 5.2, which not released until December 2013.

Qt 5 did add a slew of classes but they have not adequately maintained the older base classes which are heavily used. They moved code around to break up the libraries. Our direction will be slightly different as we change the base classes and use more of C++, the libraries will automatically shrink.

Even if we had switched to Qt 5, the inherent problems we found with Qt would still exist. CopperSpice has the potential of moving far beyond Qt and in fact where it is today.

We have integrated all of the Qt 4.x and back ported several of the Qt 5 classes into CopperSpice. We have fixed several existing Qt issues problems as well. Our first major goal with developing CopperSpice was to remove moc, which we did. Moc is a major stumbling block for Qt.

We have plans to enhance the container classes and leverage the C++ Standard Library. This will make CopperSpice easier to maintain and support.

We are excited to continue working on CopperSpice and look forward to developers using the libraries.

Re: Qt version reason

Posted: Tue Jun 16 2015 4:12 pm
by 01 d'Nick
Ok, I got it. But as I understand Qt5 platform abstraction wasn't backported? And Qt5 has wider platform support (mobile platforms, Wayland).

Re: Qt version reason

Posted: Wed Jun 17 2015 8:26 pm
by ansel
That is true that we did not backport the Qt5 platform abstraction layer. Our intent is to make CopperSpice portable by using C++11 features rather than hand write platform specific code. We feel that this is a better solution in the long term.