Cs equivalent of qt5ct?

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Cs equivalent of qt5ct?

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I can use qt5ct to change the way Qt5 application look and feel. I usually use it to force them to emulate GTK+ theme. I'm using Cinnamon as desktop environment (GTK+ based).

I found Cs application (Diamond) to be looked more like Qt4 than Qt5 and they don't emulate the GTK+ theme of the environment around them so their look and feel are alien.
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Re: Cs equivalent of qt5ct?

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I would like to kindly ask you not to refer to Diamond is a Qt 4 or Qt 5 program. It is neither of these, it was linked with CopperSpice.

When we designed the Diamond program it was not our intention to force the GUI to use Fusion, GTk, or any other style. We wanted to keep the program look and feel simple, since this is an programmers editor. At run time the CsGui library will select the appropriate style based on your operating system.

If you would like Diamond to use a different style this is the beauty of open source software. You can make the changes on a cloned copy of Diamond, submit a pull request on github with source code changes, or use our paid subscription support to request modifications.

Thank you for thinking about how you would like to see programs like Diamond enhanced. Open source software is amazing and as a community we can create wonderful projects.

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