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Documentation issue

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This post will be related to another post I will make shortly. It is a result of a rather significant case of head-up-butt I seem to have today making modifications to Diamond.

From the head-up-butt perspective, for days now I had been using the default compilation options for Diamond and my Settings (QObject based class) had a copy constructor. :oops: All was fine. Thankfully I didn't actually use that constructor anywhere or I could have been chasing some gremlins. When I added the much more strict compilation options

add_compile_options(-Wall -Wextra -pedantic -Werror)

because I was honked off at the time I lost chasing down a problem caused by having a single = within an if () statement, I naturally had a bunch of "re-order" messages for constructors and then I had several instances of this oddity.

‘class CsSignal::SlotBase’ should be explicitly initialized in the copy constructor

It was on several of the new classes for themes, syntax, text attributes, etc. Some searching online reminded me of the Q_GADGET() macro for Qt based objects without signals/slots. I popped up my local copy of the documentation and searched for GADGET. Nada. On a whim I changed the code to use CS_GADGET() and it seems to exist. Just can't be found in the documentation via the little search thing.

Now that I'm finally adding EDT Numeric Keypad support I needed to trap the key values for the numeric keypad. I knew there was a Qt constant for NumLock but could not remember what it was. I opened the local documentation and searched for NumLock. Nada. Some noodling, head scratching, and finally online searching reminded me of QtKey. When I searched for that in the documentation I managed to get to the list of constants I was looking for.

I realize there is probably some keyword list being built to drive the search feature, but would it be possible to somehow have a grep-like search that just chews through all of the files in the directory looking for matching text? That definitely should have found NumLock entries. I haven't dug to find out if it would find CS_OBJECT and CS_GADGET.

Yeah, I know that is probably a big chunk of work, but it could make life easier for newbies or people who just have a brain doing a lot of farting on a given day.
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