pkg-config and cmake support

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pkg-config and cmake support

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Just checking the docs at this stage so please forgive me if this is already done.

I haven't used autotools in ages and looking at your samples brings back bad memories :)

Have you considered adding support for pkg-config and, eventually, cmake?

Registering with pkg-config will help a lot as it will simplify integrating CopperSpice in other projects, regardless of that project using plain Makefile, or CMakeLists.

Having a recipe for cmake that has custom CopperSpice stuff would also be great, though pkg-config integration would make this less important - cmake already has support for pkg-config and it can get the required info from it.

I haven't built a program with autotools on Windows, but when I was doing that it was taking ages because of how they were constantly spawning new process, something that was very slow on Windows. Comparatively, at that time (4-5 years ago, I admit), building the same project with cmake was taking 25% or less of the time, just because of the way the final Makefile was created.


Ioan Calin
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Re: pkg-config and cmake support

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a support for cmake would be great (especially for the Windows Platform).

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Re: pkg-config and cmake support

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Hello to both of you and welcome to CopperSpice!
  • Yes, pkg-config support is high on our priority list. We are well aware of how important it is for library users.
  • Automake was chosen for a number of reasons, including platform support, cross-compilation support, integration with various package management systems, and familiarity of the principal developers. We have recieved many queries about an alternative and we are currently evaluating CMake to see if we can use it in CopperSpice.
  • I would like to note that since CopperSpice is a pure C++ library, there are no constraints on what build systems users may employ in their projects. We simply provided samples in Autotools since that is what we tested with throughout our development process.
Thank you for your interest in our project.
Ansel Sermersheim
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Re: pkg-config and cmake support

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CMake is the perfect candidate for CopperSpice as a build tool, not because it's flexible, powerful, and loved by the C++ developers, but because it uses Qt for cmake-gui ;)
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