Multi-row for QTabBar

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Multi-row for QTabBar

Post by Dave »

I haven't actually used CopperSpice as I've only just become aware of it, but have looked through the docs for QTabBar and notioced it doesn't seem to support multi-row tabs. I know it offers left/right arrow buttons when tab bat becomes too wide, but I'm not a fan of that and prefer multi-row tabs.

Suggested features:

- Ability to set max visible tab rows. When number of rows exceeds this value, a vertical scrollbar is shown on right (or possibly optionally on left), allowing tab rows to be scrolled up/down.
- Ability to set tab width (o means use tab text width, otherwise use specified value for tab width). Tabs can be different widths or all the same.
- Unlike Windows multi-row tabs, the position of tab rows show not change. However, it should be possible to move tabs around (eg. change column/row for a tab by Drag and Drop)

See following for more info.:
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Re: Multi-row for QTabBar

Post by ansel »

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your request and suggestion. I have filed it in our ticketing system:

I hope that we can make this available for our users in somewhat less time than the Qt bug report has been open. Please feel free to let us know what other features you would value in CopperSpice, and take a look at DoxyPress as well.
Ansel Sermersheim
CopperSpice Cofounder
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