Binary distribution page

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Binary distribution page

Post by CandL » Mon Oct 28 2019 11:11 am

The current page looks like:

Code: Select all

File	                                        Description
copperspice-1.6.0-debian9-x64.tar.bz2	Binary Distribution Debian (Stretch)
copperspice-1.6.0-debian10-x64.tar.bz2	Binary Distribution Debian (Buster)

May I suggest a bit more detail, as in:

File	                                   O/S                    Compiler     Release/Debug      Bitness   Author (forum Name)
copperspice-1.6.0-debian9-x64.tar.bz2     Debian (Stretch)         GCC              Y/Y            32        xxx
copperspice-1.6.0-debian10-x64.tar.bz2    Debian (Buster)          GCC              Y/Y            32/64     xxx
setup-CopperSpice-1.6.0-x64.exe	          Windows                  Mingw            Y/N            64        xxx
Now I am sure I missed something, but more info

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Re: Binary distribution page

Post by barbara » Tue Oct 29 2019 3:21 am

Here is some information which may help.
1) The "64" indicates this build is for 64-bit.

2) To the right of this file name it says "Binary Installer Windows 32 bit" so you know this is for Windows and is 32-bit. This is the only file marked as 32-bit and is Windows non MSVC. For our next release we will have a 64-bit MSVC binary.

3) Every build released is non-debug.


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Re: Binary distribution page

Post by CandL » Tue Oct 29 2019 11:39 am

I did recognize the decoder ring... :D

So never releasing Debug libs ... this strikes me as unusual

Also the compiler names (and versions) are missing...

I keep a similar grid for each lib we have, for some people dealing with 30+ libs is common. Add in all the flavors and it gets tedious.

Oh and more importantly, glad you guys are safe from the fires.

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