Add a copperspice vcpkg(s)

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Add a copperspice vcpkg(s)

Post by rconde01 »

Adding a vcpkg copperspice (and related libraries) packages would make it much easier to integrate and evaluate.

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Re: Add a copperspice vcpkg(s)

Post by barbara »

We currently have a developer on the CS team who is working on CopperSpice nuget packages and setting on the Azure pipeline.

In the last month we have dropped support for Autotools in favor of our CMake build files. We are going through a major update and the team is in code review. After this has been completed we will add support for packages on multiple platforms.


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Re: Add a copperspice vcpkg(s)

Post by janwilmans »

Hi rconde01,

I'm the resident MSVC guy on call :) working on tooling, code reviews, packaging and testing

We are working on packages for CopperSpice. If you happen to use Visual Studio, there is a NuGet package available.
Also I've created a 'getting started' project for that here:

CMake support is being bought up to date with a more recent version of CMake and soon after that I will work on packages for more platforms.


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