Binary distribution page

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Binary distribution page

Post by CandL »

The current page looks like:

Code: Select all

File	                                        Description
copperspice-1.6.0-debian9-x64.tar.bz2	Binary Distribution Debian (Stretch)
copperspice-1.6.0-debian10-x64.tar.bz2	Binary Distribution Debian (Buster)

May I suggest a bit more detail, as in:

File	                                   O/S                    Compiler     Release/Debug      Bitness   Author (forum Name)
copperspice-1.6.0-debian9-x64.tar.bz2     Debian (Stretch)         GCC              Y/Y            32        xxx
copperspice-1.6.0-debian10-x64.tar.bz2    Debian (Buster)          GCC              Y/Y            32/64     xxx
setup-CopperSpice-1.6.0-x64.exe	          Windows                  Mingw            Y/N            64        xxx
Now I am sure I missed something, but more info

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Re: Binary distribution page

Post by barbara »

Here is some information which may help.
1) The "64" indicates this build is for 64-bit.

2) To the right of this file name it says "Binary Installer Windows 32 bit" so you know this is for Windows and is 32-bit. This is the only file marked as 32-bit and is Windows non MSVC. For our next release we will have a 64-bit MSVC binary.

3) Every build released is non-debug.


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Re: Binary distribution page

Post by CandL »

I did recognize the decoder ring... :D

So never releasing Debug libs ... this strikes me as unusual

Also the compiler names (and versions) are missing...

I keep a similar grid for each lib we have, for some people dealing with 30+ libs is common. Add in all the flavors and it gets tedious.

Oh and more importantly, glad you guys are safe from the fires.

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Re: Binary distribution page

Post by janwilmans »

I was also surprised by the lack of debug information at first, but in practice, it turns out its only really useful to have copperspice debug symbols if debugging copperspice itself. And in that case you can compile copperspice from sources and you have all debug symbols.

Also the binaries+debug information are _huge_ (23 GB), almost nobody will want to download that, just to use the libraries :)

That being says, I can see its useful to have the option to download them, once we have our packaging story sorted out, we will take another look at this.

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Re: Binary distribution page

Post by Tonypul »

I hope that happens sooner rather than later, Janwilmans. That would make things so much easier.

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