If CopperSpice is/was really really ready now . . .

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If CopperSpice is/was really really ready now . . .

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The big stinky chunks have officially hit the fan in the Qt world. Commercial customers of Qt 5 have to buy a subscription license for Qt 6. Last time I looked at anything related to the "subscription license" the gist of it was "if you stop paying you have to pull your product from market."

According to other messages in the digest the multi-media support did not make it in and either won't until some time after 6.1 . . . others speculate it will be part of commercial only.

It appears XML Patterns got removed too.

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Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2020 13:53:39 +0000
From: Tino Pyssysalo <tino.pyssysalo@qt.io>
To: Philippe <philwave@gmail.com>, "interest@qt-project.org"
Subject: Re: [Interest] Qt 6.0.0 released
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Philippe – you are right. Qt 6 is available for customer under new subscription licenses, Qt 6 is not included in the legacy Qt licenses. If you have an old Perpetual, Term or other type commercial license you can try Qt 6 under an Evaluation license. You may as well discuss with Qt sales on how to upgrade to a license that includes Qt 6.
Useful links for commercial license holder:

* Ask new evaluation from subscription@qt.io<mailto:subscription@qt.io> or by filling the evaluation form from https://www.qt.io/download
* FAQ: https://www.qt.io/faq/what-happens-to-my-perpetual-licenses-once-i-convert-to-subscription
* Blog: https://www.qt.io/blog/new-subscription-prices-for-qt-on-the-webshop
* Contact Qt Sales https://www.qt.io/contact-us/sales-contact-request/
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Commercial customers are once again left looking for an API stable library.
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