Debug helper support for CopperSpice

Debug helper support for CopperSpice

Postby elias » Sat Dec 05 2015 6:26 pm

Hello! I've installed CLion 1.2.1, Qt Creator 3.5.1. I've tried to debug console application which contained QString instance in both IDEs. But the "watch" was unable to show the content of this variable. Are there any hints for showing such variables? I mean debug helpers. I've used GDB 7.8.1, MinGW 4.8.3 x64, OS Windows 7 x64.
Qt Creator works fine with Qt debug helpers.
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Re: Debug helper support for CopperSpice

Postby ansel » Mon Dec 07 2015 5:48 pm

Hi elias,

We have been using Qt Creator internally to develop some CopperSpice apps. We had not seen any debug problems, but we have not tested with 3.5.1. We will take a look at the issue you are reporting.

Thanks for your interest,

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