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Posted: Fri Aug 28 2020 7:12 pm
by baraujo
Using readLineInto it gives:

unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: bool __cdecl QTextStream::readLineInto(class QString8 *,__int64)"

bool QTextStream::readLineInto ( QString * line,
qint64 maxlen = 0

Re: readLineInto

Posted: Sun Aug 30 2020 3:02 am
by barbara
Can you let us know what platform you are running on.



Re: readLineInto

Posted: Wed Sep 02 2020 8:26 pm
by baraujo
I believe this was on windows 10.

Re: readLineInto

Posted: Fri Oct 30 2020 9:48 pm
by ansel
The missing method has been pushed to github. Thanks for reporting this.