QFileDialogOptions Documentation bug

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QFileDialogOptions Documentation bug

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In the Diamond editor code one has

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    // force windows 7 and 8 to honor initial path
    options = QFileDialog::ForceInitialDir_Win7;
In the documentation

There is no mention of this option.

It compiles just fine. Sadly there is also this problem.

QFileDialog::DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons 0x00000080 Always use the default directory icon. Some platforms allow the user to set a different icon. Custom icon lookup cause a big performance impact over network or removable drives. Setting this will enable the QFileIconProvider::DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons option in the icon provider.

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  enum FileDialogOption {
      ShowDirsOnly          = 0x00000001,
      DontResolveSymlinks   = 0x00000002,
      DontConfirmOverwrite  = 0x00000004,
      DontUseSheet          = 0x00000008,
      DontUseNativeDialog   = 0x00000010,
      ReadOnly              = 0x00000020,
      HideNameFilterDetails = 0x00000040,
      ForceInitialDir_Win7  = 0x00000080,
      DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons = 0x00000100
DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons shows incorrect value
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Re: QFileDialogOptions Documentation bug

Post by barbara »

Keep letting us know issues in our documentation. New docs will be updated today.
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