Doesn't seem to work on Wayland

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Doesn't seem to work on Wayland

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I tried kitchensink app and it didn't work on a Arch + Weston and it gives the following error: (Invalid argument)

I think it is missing the Wayland compositor libraries.
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Re: Doesn't seem to work on Wayland

Post by barbara »

CopperSpice builds on Arch since this is on of our a supported platforms and is part of our nightly CI builds. The full list of supported platforms can be found in our CS Overview documentation. KitchenSink builds on Arch in our CI.

We have not tested KS using Wayland however there should be a fall back to the X11 protocol using XWayland. (Invalid argument)
a) Was this part of an error message you received? If so what else did it say?

b) If you run ldd on the file do you see errors? If so please provide this information.

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