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QPrintPreviewDialog issue

Posted: Fri Nov 25 2022 5:35 pm
by seasoned_geek

I "think" this one is yours and I "think" it might be related to deletions and disconnects across threads/event loops getting queued. To recreate you need to have two different paths to get to the same method launching a QPringPreviewDialog. Go down one, view the dialog, close it, then immediately open another print preview. Somewhere between the second and fifth invoke, you crash with a double free error.

I didn't dig into the QFontEngineFT code to see if there is some "shared" resource that would get a queued deletion with the destruction of the dialog, but it feels like it.

Re: QPrintPreviewDialog issue

Posted: Fri Dec 09 2022 3:25 am
by barbara
We have this on our to do list.