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Report any problems with CopperSpice
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Could someone please fix the forum search?

Every time I try to use it the thing fails with the "are too common" error message. We don't have a bazillion messages in here.

I was trying to see where the Debian packaging discussion left off because now I have two OpenSource items that need CopperSpice and I can't install them both on the same test VM with them carting along the library in a common location. The correct way for me to package is to rely on an existing CopperSpice run-time library package. I see AUR has one but Debian and RPM based distros appear to not.

Is this "close"?
Have I just missed it?
Do I have to generate an unofficial .deb and .rpm of the runtime?

No, I'm not going to stuff all of CopperSpice into each executable directory. That's not cool. I didn't mind stuffing it into a common directory with RedDiamond, but now that there are two it needs to be done right.
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