"Rougue" click outside context menu gives segmentation fault

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"Rougue" click outside context menu gives segmentation fault

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Here is an error where the program crashes when the user clicks outside the context menu after an item is selected, but before the choice is acknowledged.

Environment: Macos 13.6.1 (Ventura)

To reproduce:
  1. Start GUI example 18 in the Copperspice Journal from a terminal.
  2. A window with different types of text edit boxes appears.
  3. Select some text in the topmost box.
  4. Right-click on selection to get context menu.
  5. Chose copy
  6. Immediately, left-click outside the context menu.
Observed bevaviour:
  1. The program crashes.
  2. The terminal displays the following:
    1. QObject::connect() QTextControl::paste(): Unable to connect to a slot with a default parameter
    2. QNSView mouseDragged: Internal mouse button tracking invalid (missing Qt::LeftButton)
    3. Segmentation fault: 11
Expected behaviour:
The user would not be given enough time to make a "rougue" click outside the menu. In the event it can happen, it should be handled gracefully.

It seems you only need a context menu with with at least one menu item that can be chosen. So, not selecting text and choosing any available item from the menu results in the same behaviour.
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Re: "Rougue" click outside context menu gives segmentation fault

Post by barbara »

Thank you for reporting this issue. Having all the details was fantastic. We will have someone on the team investigate.

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