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doxypress windows install and Beyond Trust

Posted: Wed Dec 08 2021 11:37 pm
by marlowa
Hello everyone,

The Windows 64 bit installer triggers a block from Beyond Trust in my corporate environment. BT claims the installer is asking for elevated privileges. Is there any chance that a zip could be provided that one can simply unpack in a directory of my choice to get a working doxypress environment please?

Re: doxypress windows install and Beyond Trust

Posted: Fri Dec 10 2021 6:23 pm
by barbara
Is there any way to find out why "Beyond Trust" believes the installer (CreateInstall) requires elevated privileges? This sort of feels like an issue with the security software.

Are you allowed to install this locally on one machine and then create the ZIP file for other users at your company? Just trying to see how resolve this without having to create another uploaded file.