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A typo and an enhancement suggestion for DoxyPressapp

Posted: Mon May 08 2017 9:48 pm
by mauricio.mirabetti
Regarding DoxyPressapp version 1.2.8:

- There a typo on Build Settings/Source Code/Exclude extension (it's written "Exlcude", including on the detailed instructions frame);

- The detailed instructions frame (bottom left on gui) only shows information about an item when mouse pointer hovers over the user selection area (check box, text box, etc), which can be very small and demands more time from users. It would be nice if the detailed information would change accordingly also by hovering mouse pointer over any part of the item text itself. For example, for Build Settings/Source Code/Inline source item, the detailed instruction for that item shows up only when mouse pointer get to the small squared check box. Hovering over "Inline source" text could have the same effect, as a suggestion.

Best regards.