New Doxygen rebase on DoxyPress

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New Doxygen rebase on DoxyPress

Post by ipascual »

First of all thanks for this project I was searching a lot for something like this because the old-school Doxygen style is odd.

Im a active C++ programmer using a lot of Doxygen and I see last enhancements from Doxygen 1.8.8 to 1.8.13

Im interested on port the new features and bugfixes to DoxyPress.

PD: I see in Doxygen a lot of bugs related to the bad style and architectural faults that need to be fixed and community need from this project a lot.
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Re: New Doxygen rebase on DoxyPress

Post by barbara »

We have added a great deal of enhancements to DoxyPress to improve the output, add to the API, and bring the source current to modern C++. We have also added many of the changes they added between these versions so much of it may already be in the current version of DoxyPress.

If there are issues on the current master branch on DoxyPress or enhancements you want to see incorporated, we would absolutely welcome your pull requests and contributions. The current source is located on github. Since DoxyPress has diverged considerably you will need to review each change by hand rather than a just a simple cherry pick.

Let us know if you have questions or issues. Welcome to the team.

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