How closely will doxypress track doxygen

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How closely will doxypress track doxygen

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Hello everyone,

I am not sure to what extend doxypress is built on doxygen, but there was a fresh release of doxygen last December, version 1.8.14, and according to the changelog there were a tonne of bug fixes. See ... gelog.html for details. I wonder if any of these issues are in doxypress.
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Re: How closely will doxypress track doxygen

Post by barbara »

DoxyPress was a direct fork of an earlier version of Doxygen. We required numerous changes in order to document the CopperSpice API. Using their existing source code required major changes and necessitated the fork.

Over the past few years we have continued to maintain and track all of the relevant upstream changes. For a summary of what we have done please refer to our commit history and the following timeline which serves as our change log. In addition we have improved the HTML output and fixed accuracy of the documentation. There are many places in their program where documenting fails to work and as these are found we fix the required area in DoxyPress.

We are aware they have changed the output styling and found the changes were not very helpful.

We have improved DoxyPress internally by bringing it up to C++14 standards and using modern programming techniques like variadic templates, smart pointers, and value based containers. We have added an option for full C++ parsing using clang AST. Doxygen uses clang only for parsing certain complex C++ templates. For other languages lex is used for both lexing and parsing, which is awkward to maintain.

If you have suggestions for improving DoxyPress further please let us know or consider submitting a pull request. Any testing of the program, enhancements to the code, or corrections to our documentation are welcome and appreciated.
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