A doxypress bug to do with function parameters wrongly rptd

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A doxypress bug to do with function parameters wrongly rptd

Post by marlowa »

At long last I have managed to reproduce the problem I saw a few weeks ago. The offending header file is at the end of this message. The doxypress HTML output has several functions that are documented to have the parameter bmyflag when the actual parameter is different. The bmyflag parameter comes from the function setXXXXed. I found that the bug is very sensitive to what this function is called. I encourage you to try renaming it to see what effect it has. Also several warnings are emitted by doxypress as it runs.


class MyClass
/** comment */
string getSomething(void) const;

* Returns boolean to indicate something
* @return Boolean flag
bool isEnglebert(void) const;

* some comment
* @param bmyflag Boolean flag which if passed as TRUE does something.
void setXXXXed(bool bmyflag);

void setSomethingElse(SomethingElse* somethingElse) { }
SomethingElse* getSomethingElse(void) const { return 0; }

/** @name Implementation for OtherObject
* The following methods are for the implementation of OtherObject
virtual void setStatusFlag (const string& f);

/** @name Implementation for SomeObjectOrOther
ClassOne& toString(ClassOne& c) const;
const ClassTwo& getClassTwo(void) const;
void updateClassThree(const ClassThree* object) {}
void getStuff( ClassFour& four, ClassFive* five ) const;

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Re: A doxypress bug to do with function parameters wrongly r

Post by ansel »

Thank you for this bug report.

The issue has been resolved in DoxyPress version 1.2.3-rc1. Sources are available on github and our download site, as well as a Windows binary.
Ansel Sermersheim
CopperSpice Cofounder
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