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Page hierarchy support

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Based on the doxypress documentation ( ) I can see that documentation pages can be placed in a hierarchy - and I'm assuming the documentation is written in markdown or some other markup language as it contains no source files.

It contains different html pages within a hierarchy. For example Commands and it's subpages.

But I can't figure out how to do this in my own project, I could only create flat page lists so far.

And a slightly related note/question: I tried to find the source of the doxypress documentation to check how it accomplishes this, but couldn't find it. Is it available somewhere?
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Re: Page hierarchy support

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Thank you for your question. In order to create a hierarchy of pages the \subpage command is used. For more information see ... cmdsubpage.

As an example, here is a snippet of code for the commands page in the DoxyPress documentation you mentioned:

Code: Select all


\page commands Commands


    <li>\subpage topic-cmd-gen</li>

    <li>\subpage topic-cmd-user <br><br> </li>

    <li>\subpage topic-cmd-html</li>

    <li>\subpage topic-cmd-xml <br><br> </li>

Hopefully this information will help but if you have something published you would like us to look at we would be glad to check it out. If you need other samples let us know.
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