References / Referenced by data for member functions

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References / Referenced by data for member functions

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Dear friends,

I noticed that the References <list of functions called> and Reference by <list of functions calling the one being documented> is repeating the first one found, but stating the correct number of functions referenced/referenced by.

For example, for using project OssimLabs/Ossim (Github) as a reference, for class::member funcion "classossimHdf5::findDatasetByName", we get:

- References getDatasets(), getDatasets(), getDatasets(), getDatasets(), and getDatasets().
- Referenced by ossimHdf5GridModel::initCoarseGrid(), and ossimHdf5GridModel::initCoarseGrid().

where correct results could/should be:
- References ossimString::contains(), getDatasets(), getRoot(), ossimNotify(), and ossimNotifyLevel_WARN.
- Referenced by ossimHdf5Info::getKeywordlistDataset(), and ossimHdf5GridModel::initCoarseGrid().

Please let me know if any further information is necessary on this point.

Best regards.

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