Failed to create xcb gl-integration

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Failed to create xcb gl-integration

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This is more of a developer thing . . . but . . . I am developing Diamond, adding themes and EDT keypad support. I "think" there was yet another dependency missing from the list when I built CopperSpice and that is what is causing this.

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roland@roland-amd-desktop:~/Projects/diamond_debug$ ./diamond
adding QXcbScreen(0x55c076e7f030, name=:1.0-32, geometry=1920x1080+0+0, availableGeometry=1848x1053+72+27, devicePixelRatio=1.0, logicalDpi=QPair(96.0,96.0), physicalSize=602.0x343.0mm, screenNumber=0, virtualSize=1920x1080 (1920.0x1080.0mm), orientation=0, depth=24, refreshRate=60.0, root=299, windowManagerName=GNOME Shell) (Primary: false )
primary output is :1.0-32
Choosing xcb gl-integration based on following priority
 (xcb_glx, xcb_egl)
Failed to create xcb gl-integration
Qt has had quite a bit of trouble with XCB in 5.x versions. The list of required packages to build the plug-in when building the library is not clear or well documented. I ass-u-me I am missing a -dev package for Ubuntu 20.04 and that is causing the issue. I am able to make progress with the code, but would like to nip this in the bud.

Obviously I still have quite a ways to go.

1) Be able to load the config and import old to new
2) Actually support the EDT keypad. Right now you can only look at/define the key values
3) Fix the performance issues the gutting have caused. (Too many temporaries being created and taking too long.)
4) Finish removing DiamondTextEdit from MainWindow so I can stick one on the colors dialog and people can actually see the gutter colors they are choosing.
5) Get the current line highlight to only change the background color.

At some point I will get this checked in so it can be blessed/rejected. Then I can look at integrating AStyle library as I kind of like Emacs astyle-on-save option. It might even be a possible replacement for the current syntax highlighting. Can't tell for certain because I haven't looked at line one of the documentation. That is far down the road.

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Re: Failed to create xcb gl-integration

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Failed to create xcb gl-integration
Thank you for reporting this. We are changing that message to indicate the gl-integration plugin is only needed when running a program which uses OpenGL.

Turns out we forgot to release the build files for the gl-integration plugins, which we will do shortly.
Ansel Sermersheim
CopperSpice Cofounder

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