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I want to preface this by stating this is not the code in the official Diamond repository.

I have been working on some enhancements/new features and am simply offering this up to get a bit of feedback. If you wish to see what I've been working on you can read about it here:

Those who just want to kick the Debians around will find two buttons in this blog post.
One for YABU 18.04 64-bit based systems and another for YABU 20.04 based ones. I built them actually on Ubuntu. They should work for any YABU based on one of these. The possible exception would be one that places .desktop files in another location.

Don't just dpkg this from the command line. There are dependencies that need to be installed and dpkg won't automatically do that. If you know what you are doing, then fine. If you've never installed a third party debian on YABU, then you should probably read this post:

While I do have a script that will build this automagically in my branch, this is only a stop-gap measure. It has to exist until CopperSpice has progressed to the point it can have debians created and one or more distros then roll it into their repositories putting the libraries in the proper system directories. When that happens the creation of this Debian package really needs to be redesigned. Right now it is putting everything under /opt/diamond (except for .desktop) and creating a symbolic link to the executable in the bin directory.

I have tried the install and un-install many times. They seem to work.

I know this isn't perfect yet, but I'm looking for some feedback.
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