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Willi Burkhardt
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Post by Willi Burkhardt » Wed Jun 10 2015 6:37 am

Hi all. It looks like I have the honor to post the first "user post" to this form, so let's make it a really important issue:


I came across this subject when I tried to install Diamond the first time and the installer was not showing me the usual GPL/LGPL license stuff but telling me "WARINING: This program is protected by international copyright law and treaties." After this, I started looking around on the webpage but did not find any mention of a license.

I think this is important. You should be very up-front with the licenses. With CopperSpice it is pretty clear. As this is forked from a LGPL project, I assume that the licence will continue to be LGPL. But the other (sub-)projects Peppermill, Doxypress, Diamond and Kitchensink unclear I.e. the license is not visible before actually downloading any of these sources.

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Re: Licenses

Post by barbara » Fri Jun 12 2015 5:25 am

Thank you so much for posting and letting us know about the license issue. We have added a notation on the binary download page. I will also update the installer to show the license.

Just letting you know we planning an update of Diamond on July 15.

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