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Posted: Wed Jun 10 2015 6:37 am
by Willi Burkhardt
Hi all. It looks like I have the honor to post the first "user post" to this form, so let's make it a really important issue:


I came across this subject when I tried to install Diamond the first time and the installer was not showing me the usual GPL/LGPL license stuff but telling me "WARINING: This program is protected by international copyright law and treaties." After this, I started looking around on the webpage but did not find any mention of a license.

I think this is important. You should be very up-front with the licenses. With CopperSpice it is pretty clear. As this is forked from a LGPL project, I assume that the licence will continue to be LGPL. But the other (sub-)projects Peppermill, Doxypress, Diamond and Kitchensink unclear I.e. the license is not visible before actually downloading any of these sources.

Re: Licenses

Posted: Fri Jun 12 2015 5:25 am
by barbara
Thank you so much for posting and letting us know about the license issue. We have added a notation on the binary download page. I will also update the installer to show the license.

Just letting you know we planning an update of Diamond on July 15.

Re: Licenses

Posted: Sat Apr 11 2020 3:12 pm
by marlowa
I think this shows that the license that applies to Diamond and indeed Copperspice and its child projects, should be more prominent. I had to google to find There's nothing in the menu on the main page and nothing in

Perhaps it's time to start an FAQ whose link is visible from the main page, even if the only item in the FAQ is "what is the license".