Building CS wtih CMake & Autotools

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Building CS wtih CMake & Autotools

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We are posting a follow on the build process for the CopperSpice libraries.

We were able to commit the awesome contributions of the CMake build files using Version 2.8.11 in July 2015. In May 2016 we updated the CMake build to use Version 3.4.3.

In early 2018 we will update CMake again, most likely to Version 3.7.x

CopperSpice successfully builds with both CMake and Autotools.

Our commitment to all CopperSpice developers and contributors about our build process, is that anyone who only wants to modify one of the build systems can submit a patch and we will personally update the other build system on your behalf.

We may at some point in the near future stop development or remove the Autotools build system but at this time we believe it is still of value to some of our users.

For more information about CMake please check out our YouTube video:

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