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animated gif on Linux

Posted: Wed Oct 07 2020 1:43 pm
by seasoned_geek
I'm looking at the doc trying to use an animated gif for a busy indicator. This is usually simple. Couldn't figure out why not working on CopperSpice.

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qDebug() << "supported formats: " << QMovie::supportedFormats();
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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Choosing xcb gl-integration based on following priority
 (xcb_glx, xcb_egl)
No OpenGL integration plugin was found, this is only required for programs which use OpenGL.
supported formats:  ()
Is this a case of something missing from my initial build of CopperSpice (a switch or option that needs to be added) or is the doc way ahead of implementation?

Not that it is probably needed, but this little journey is spread over two posts because I tested against Qt. Admittedly I didn't install Qt 4.8; just took whatever was on the Ubuntu machine.

If someone wants the entire little program pre-packaged the source tree is zipped up here.

I'm assuming there was a switch needed during the build of CopperSpice, but including everything just in case.