CS_DECLARE_METATYPE documentation issue

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CS_DECLARE_METATYPE documentation issue

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/home/roland/sf_projects/redbug/src/settingsbreakpoint.h:32:42: error: extra ‘;’ [-Werror=pedantic]
32 | CS_DECLARE_METATYPE( SettingsBreakpoint );
| ^

Go here:


scroll to bottom and see this

Declaring the Type

In order to use the Message class with the property system or in a QVariant, it must be added as a MetaType. This will provide the ability to query the QVariant system for the name, which would be "Message".

To add this class to the QVariant system invoke the CS_DECLARE_METATYPE() macro in the header file where it is defined, after the class declaration.

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Re: CS_DECLARE_METATYPE documentation issue

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Thanks, we will correct the docs.

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