QPrinter documentation bug

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QPrinter documentation bug

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QPageSize::Millimeter 	0 	
QPageSize::Point 	1 	1/72nd of an inch
QPageSize::Inch 	2 	
QPageSize::Pica 	3 	1/72nd of a foot, 1/6th of an inch, 12 Points
QPageSize::Didot 	4 	1/72nd of a French inch, 0.375 mm
QPageSize::Cicero 	5 	1/6th of a French inch, 12 Didot, 4.5mm
QPrinter::DevicePixel 	6 	
DevicePixel has actually been moved to QPageSize
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Re: QPrinter documentation bug

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Thanks, we will correct this in the docs.
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