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Re: Reddit post Qt license

Posted: Sat Nov 04 2023 6:11 pm
by barbara
The last time I looked at BSD (a while back) I noticed that CS had been packaged . . .
I believe you meant to say FreeBSD which is a platform while BSD is a software license.

Someone did add CopperSpice to FreeBSD but they modified our build files without discussing their changes. Sadly this build has some breaks. The maintainer should have opened a chat with us to ensure the CMake build modifications would not cause problems.
... having software in the repositories is that it can become out of date between releases and so you end up building newer versions.
This comment is proof that sometimes packages from an OS are not the best ones to use. Most CS developers build from git or simply use our pre-built binary files. We can also supply a CopperSpice user with a CI build if they need a quick update.

Re: Reddit post Qt license

Posted: Fri Dec 01 2023 12:20 pm
by seasoned_geek
While I do not currently build for Debian you can find unofficial packages for Ubuntu and Fedora here

They are the file names starting with LS-CS.

Haven't had any desire to build for Debian itself because often those packages don't work on "Debian based" distros. Packages I build on Ubuntu tend to work on Linux Mint and most YABU (Yet Another uBUntu) distros.