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Looking for C++ Gui Library

Posted: Tue Nov 03 2015 8:01 pm
by Clas

I need a well documented and small pure C++GUI-Library for a new application with
support for Linux,Mac and Windows. Currently I trying wxWidgets. But it has a lot of
terrible old legacy C++ - code with tons of macros. I dont like Qt because the strange
MOC and lot of multi inheritance. CoppySpice dont use MOC anymore. But the guy
on this video from CppCon 2015
talk about how much slower copperspice is as qt especially in signal processing
because copperspice dont use MOC. Is that true?


Re: Looking for C++ Gui Library

Posted: Tue Nov 03 2015 10:43 pm
by ansel
Hi Clas,

Thank you for your question. We very much appreciate your interest, and it sounds like your goals are in line with those of the CopperSpice project.

Please note that in the video you reference, the one comparison graph shown displays the number of symbol relocations in a shared library. Symbol relocations have nothing at all to do with the runtime speed of any part of CopperSpice. Symbol relocations only matter when the program is initially loaded into memory, and the number of symbols is not strongly correlated with performance. For example, the OpenOffice project discovered a 20% improvement in load times simply by reordering the symbols in their library files without decreasing the number of relocations. We have not yet investigated this avenue of optimization thoroughly as we believe that runtime performance is a more significant concern of most users.

The fact that CopperSpice uses native C++11 compliant template code for signals allows a modern optimizing compiler to make better assumptions about the code than the C-style casts to void * that are used in the code path for Qt signal delivery. Full type information is propagated through the entire signal delivery path which means that the compiler may assume that pointers are not aliased through the signal delivery function call stack.

We are in the continual process of optimizing the CopperSpice core in every way possible, but our initial work has shown that for most use cases signal delivery in CopperSpice is faster than in Qt. From a user experience standpoint, applications that have been ported from Qt to CopperSpice display a noticeable speed improvement, particularly when using the Model/View framework.

Ansel Sermersheim

Re: Looking for C++ Gui Library

Posted: Wed Nov 04 2015 9:09 pm
by Clas
Hi Ansel,

thanks for your fast answer and explanations. I 've discussed it with
some collegues at work (German Software Vendor). In my case runtime
performance is the critically point too. I will try CopperSpice for
my new project. Perhaps its the right one.

Kind regards,
Clas Onnebrink