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Why doesn't the copperspice build on linux consider /usr/local?

Posted: Sat Feb 29 2020 10:56 am
by marlowa
Hello everyone,

I am having trouble building copperspice 1.6.2 from source on my linux system. It is KDE Neon (I know that's unsupported) with gcc7. The cmake part completes ok but the libCsCore library fails to link because it doesn't find libiconv. On the linux distribution I am using there doesn't seem to be a package for libiuconv so I downloaded the source and built and installed that. This resulted in it going into /usr/local, just like lots of other GNU packages. But the copperspice build doesn't seem to consider that location. I wonder why this is. It is very common for packages to be there when they are built from source. I mean, shouldn't it just have -L/usr/local/lib on the end of every linker command line to cover this very common case. It when it is searching for dependencies shouldn't it consider /usr/local, e.g. for header files?