Why no binaries for openSuSE 15.x?

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Why no binaries for openSuSE 15.x?

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openSuSE is often used in Europe, so it could help to spread CS.

Deeper question:

Why are You bildung for a lot of distributions?
Perhaps it is less effort to build for three or four version levels and list the distributions which match the requirements.

For my long term project development i prefer older and relyable versions of C++/tools.

Best Greatings

Lothar Köster / Berlin
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Re: Why no binaries for openSuSE 15.x?

Post by barbara »

Thank you for your interest in CopperSpice. For Unix / Linux we release pre-built binary files based on the following criteria.

- Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu since they are the most popular distributions
- our customer base

We have customers who want to use older versions and others who want the most current version of their OS. The CopperSpice team reviews the release schedule and we update based on how that particular OS is used. For example, users of Arch tend to use the newest updates.

We will take note of your request and consider adding prebuilt binary files for openSuSE. Currently we do not have a high demand for this OS.

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Re: Why no binaries for openSuSE 15.x?

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Gospel truth the RPM for Fedora should work on OpenSuSE . . . you just need one from a version of Fedora that matches the OpenSuSE kernel version. Oh, wait, SuSE is rolling now as well . . . should "just work." All RPM based distros are derivatives of RedHat.
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Re: Why no binaries for openSuSE 15.x?

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I also prefer older and more reliable versions of C++/tools for long-term project development.
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