fix for recent CMake version

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fix for recent CMake version

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I have received a comment from Arch Linux user on the AUR package page about the issue with Freetype detection with recent CMake versions (3.4.x/3.5.x, not sure when exactly it broke) and I've prepared a fix for that via pull request (#40) on GitHub. I would like to see it merged so that potential users of bleeding edge distributions get the fix and do not have to deal with workarounds. The pull request has been open for some time now so I tough I will bring this to the forum in case you have missed the E-Mail notification for it.


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Re: fix for recent CMake version

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Thank you for the reminder. We missed this pull request while getting ready for the CppNow conference. We are merging a batch of pull requests this weekend and will make sure to include #40.
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