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just a question since I have not yet actually tried it out (but failed to find any info after googling a bit). Does copperspice work together with QML based projects ?

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At this time we have the QML module disabled in CopperSpice. There are several pieces of this system which need to be enhanced to work properly with the meta object system. One of the other issues is which Java Script engine should be used.

If this is something you are interested in helping us work on please let us know as we would like some help in this area.

Zitrax wrote:Hi,

Does copperspice work together with QML based projects ?

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After some offline conversations with some of the CopperSpice developers (in the past):

*- QML is not currently part of CopperSpice
*- there is interest in something declarative like QML
*- there is some concern that the current implementation and design of QML in the current Qt-distros is lacking (my words and assessment)
*- some prototyping and discussion of a declarative-like-thing has been kicked around, but not to a reviewable design

I'm a fan of the declarative QML-type idea (and have used QML extensively); but also see the place for the traditional composable widgets that interface more easily and directly with C++. I think there is definitely room for a QML-like-thing, but IMHO it probably won't be QML (because specific design and behavior changes would be necessary, IMHO).

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