project introduction on the homepage

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project introduction on the homepage

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I really like the project and how you're creating a pure modern C++ gui framework. I'm not really sure "Issues" is the best place to raise my concern, but the other sections fit even less.

That being said, I'm somewhat concerned with how you introduce the project on the homepage. You briefly state that is is a set of libraries and then immediately turn to describing how you've removed moc from the equation. Someone who is not familiar with how QT works is bound to get confused by this.

I think it'd be clearer either to acknowledge the QT origin at the top and say something like "Ok, we started with QT and this are the improvements we made" or, alternatively, focus more on the original features at the top.
It seems you're relying now on people coming in with a mindset "I know QT but I want more compatibility with the way C++ does thing". However, as you move forward I think you'll be getting more people with less QT background who may be slightly confused by this at the start.

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Re: project introduction on the homepage

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Thank you so much for your feedback. I have moved a few things around on the home page to show the names of the libraries at the top.

I think our initial approach was to show what changed from Qt to CopperSpice. I see your point that new users may not know what moc was and get a bit confused. I am going to play around with a few ideas and see how we can do this a bit better.

We look forward to any other ideas, suggestions, and contributions you may have.



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