Binary install on Windows lacking DLLs

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Binary install on Windows lacking DLLs

Post by Norbert.Nemec »

After installing setup-CopperSpice-1.6.1-x64.exe on my recently installalled Windows 10 machine, I found that building KitchenSink caused mysterious errors without explanation. Digging deeper, I found that calling uic.exe from the command line simply did nothing without any kind of error. Only when I tried to execute uic.exe from the Windows File Explorer, I got popups with more info: The executable is missing three DLLs:
- libstdc++-6.dll
- libgcc_s_seh-1.dll
- libwinpthread-1.dll
Has anyone encountered this issue? Any ideas?

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Re: Binary install on Windows lacking DLLs

Post by ansel »

Thank you for your question.

We will need to know what errors you are seeing while compiling KitchenSink. We will also need to know whether you are using MSVC or MinGW, and the exact version of the toolchain you are compiling with.
Ansel Sermersheim
CopperSpice Cofounder

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