API stability and proje philosphy question

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Re: API stability and proje philosphy question

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CandL wrote:
Mon Jun 29 2020 10:49 am
Of course this is all up for discussion, but it may *start* to address seasoned-geek's concerns.

But to be fair seasoned-geek, this is asking a lot of Copperspice ... based on the "promise" of a cash stream. I believe the Copperspice team to have the integrity not to promise what they have no intention of delivering. I also know large companies got to be large by charging a lot and paying very little.

Getting Copperspice to commit to what you are asking for without substantial financial backing is just ludicrous. If they were to commit I would personally be quite suspicious. Maybe if KDAB made these statements it would have credibility... they, KDAB have been around longer and are larger... nothing against the Copperspice folks.
Your assumptions about our project and the team are very accurate. We do not want to make a promise we are not prepared to keep. We are also not interested in chasing shiny objects. Contributors and users are attracted to CopperSpice since we treat open source software with respect. Oddly this should be standard operating procedures and yet it is missing from some projects.

We will in due time offer an LTS version of CopperSpice, but I am not sure if this is what seasoned-geek is looking for. With a paid subscription policy we can keep that version "alive" forever. Ok, but what happens when someone finds a bug in that LTS version? Not all bug fixes can be back ported. So how do we keep the old API perfectly in place and yet offer new fixes?

For what we can tell he does not want us to modify anything, ever, in the API once it has been added. This sounds decent on paper but not practical in reality. At times it does make sense to jump from version X to version Y and make good changes. Our documentation is updated all the time and we have migration docs to help users move forward. That is the right thing to do and what we would want from a project.

CopperSpice has evolved massively over the past few years and there is so much we want to change and make better. We are very actively working on ideas and trying to figure out how to offer a solution for some API stability. There is no no one size fits all but something I can promise is that our team will listen and be a part of the discussion.


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