Header compile failure on OSX with Xcode

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Header compile failure on OSX with Xcode

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I'm new to CopperSpice (I have previously been looking at JUCE & U++) and am falling at the first hurdle. As soon as I include <qstring.h>, I get a compile failure in qglobal.h saying that std::is_trivially_copyable_v is not defined. I have the latest OSX and Xcode versions and have found its type_traits header file which includes...

template <class _Tp>
_LIBCPP_INLINE_VAR _LIBCPP_CONSTEXPR bool is_trivially_copyable_v
= is_trivially_copyable<_Tp>::value;

I have set the C++ language dialect to GNU++17 but to no effect. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Header compile failure on OSX with Xcode

Post by barbara »

Thanks so much for looking at CopperSpice. As I am sure you have seen we have prebuilt binary files for OS X 10.14 and OS X 10.16 on the following page. https://download.copperspice.com/copperspice/binary/cs-1.7/

Can you tell us the following information about your set up:

a) exact version of Mac OS X

b) exact version of Xcode

c) It sounds like you are using Xcode as your IDE and build system. What is the minimum version of OS X you are targeting?

Our initial hunch is that you have XCode in a mode which gives you a C++17 compiler but not a C++17 standard library.

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