CopperSpice and embedded applications

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CopperSpice and embedded applications

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Hello everyone,

I cannot decide which C++ GUI application framework to pick to learn. There are just so many. And then as a contractor I found myself working in an embedded environment where Qt was being used. I had come across Qt before but was put off, as many are, by moc. But the chance to learn a GUI framework on the job made me think again. And now I have come across CopperSpice which looks like a significant improvement on Qt. Congratulations on getting rid of moc! But what plans are there for CopperSpice to be used in embedded environments? I am thinking particularly of WINCE and WEC.

I realise this would most likely involve Visual Studio and that VS support is a bit of an issue at the moment. Can anyone explain why? I heard that SFINAE is an issue but aren't there parts of boost that use it? These compile with VS as far as I know. Would it not be possible to temper the use of SFINAE to fit in with the limitations of VS?

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Re: CopperSpice and embedded applications

Post by barbara »

Thank you for the great questions. We would like to support VS and will do so when it fully supports C++11. We are not the only company who has been telling Microsoft this is a huge problem. There were many comments at CPPCon in September and we know they are working on this.

There are several things missing from VS support. The main ones are SFINAE, constexpr, expression decltype. Without these Visual Studio really does not support modern C++11. For CopperSpice the work arounds are simply not sufficient.

We are watching their development and we expect Microsoft to make some changes soon.


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